Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Counting down to our Playground Conference

After all our months of planning and organising, the start of our conference is almost upon us.
We have a full program - all our speakers and their presentations are locked in.
The program is running through the printing press as I type - I hope!
All the last pieces of the puzzle are falling into place and we are very excited about what is looking like a very exciting event for WA - with speakers coming from Denmark and the UK, New Zealand and across Australia and delegates from government, education, child care & early childhood, community development, parks, landscaping and planning sectors from nearly every state.
We are really looking forward to meeting everyone and making connections with the many different people and organisations involved with children's outdoor play.
Coinciding with our conference Richard Louv will be speaking at a free public event on Wednesday 21 April at the Perth Concert Hall.
We're still taking registrations - so if you are interested in participating - visit our website www.kidsafewa.com.au/playgroundconference or contact us at kidsafe@kidsafewa.com.au.

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