Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Arguments for Natural Playgrounds

Adam Bienenstock, Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds, Canada has articulated the case for natural playgrounds in a recent article in the Canadian Child Care Federation's Interaction magazine. He reminds us that the evidence is clear about the long term benefits for children from exposure to natural play environments - and natural play advocates are moving from the fringe into the mainstream.

In Australia, the Early Years Learning Framework, soon to be implemented across early childhood education and care settings, includes a focus on supporting children's connection to the natural world.

Since the Kidsafe Playground Conference - The Nature of Play (held in Perth in April)- many organisations have begun to re-think their playground ideas and find ways to enhance children's outside play environments with natural elements.

Read what he says at - http://tachedaycare.com/Articles/Case.pdf

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